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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nograles the Specious One

Congressman Prospero Nograles is a fool and he would like us to believe that the Comelec officials can do no wrong. Nograles posited the belief that the Ombudsman cleared the COMELEC officials because there was no proof beyond reasonable doubt!

But that is not the role of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is nothing more than a glorified fiscal whose province is to investigate anomalies of public officials.  But like any public prosecutor in conducting a preliminary investigation, its duty is not to determine proof beyond reasonable doubt but merely a “prima facie” case of criminal wrongdoing.

There is nothing in the rules of Criminal Procedure or in the Rules of the Ombudsman which requires the Ombudsman to go the next mile and determine proof beyond reasonable doubt. That is the role of a public prosecutor when he is court already but not before that.

In arguing the way he did, Nograles knew he was in murky ground but like the ever loyal foot soldier of this administration, he hurls stupid legal arguments because he knows the Filipino people are a timid apathetic lot who simply do not give a rat’s ass to wrongdoing in this country.  

And the insult to me is, he willingly flails his stupidity (notwithstanding he is a bar topnotcher) not only on his Davao constituents but on the whole Filipino nation and did it without batting an eyelash. As both Enteng Romano and Etta Rosales said: “Bastusan na!

And still, the Filipino people sleeps the sleep of the dead!