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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Ennui that is Oscar Cruz

Just when everybody thought Juetenggate was over, Bishop Oscar Cruz comes out blazing and this time, accuses the President of firsthand complicity. Here we go again.

I do not know what script Bishop Cruz is following but he appears to be an avid fan of the Filipino telenovela, bombastic, slow, murky, boring... bombastic, slow, murky, boring. That is not the way to grip an audience. At least, from the little that I know having been a Communication Arts student under Dr. Clodualdo "Doy" del Mundo, Jr., the dean of Filipino scriptwriters who was my film thesis adviser.

I do not understand the pacing of the presentation of his witnesses. There is no continuity to his script. Before the Senate investigation started, Bishop Cruz came out on media saying that there will be witnesses who will testify that the tentacles of jueteng extended all the way to the Palace. So far, with the exception of Sandra Cam, the other witnesses have peddled truths, half-truths, speculations and retractions.

And apart from the explosive sideshow breach of parliamentary protocol by Atty. Frank Chavez, the Senate investigation has been reduced to a zarzuela of senators insulting and badgering witnesses, asking infantile questions without sincere due regard to constitutional rights, pricking egos of resource persons while forgetting the investigation's primary purpose is to propose legislation either legalizing jueteng or stiffening its penalties.

And now that it has been indefinitely suspended, Bishop Cruz has come out with a new bombastic statement linking jueteng to the President, providing a preview or a trailer to his new witness' testimony to substantiate fodder to his charges. I am getting supremely confused. Are we already in the climax, the peripeteia or the denouement?

I hope something good and substantial will come out of this witness' mouth or this investigation. But so far, the investigation has proven to be boring and a downright spectacle. Two things I have learned: (1) the Senate jueteng investigation is an object lesson on how not to conduct a Senate investigation; and (2) Bishop Oscar Cruz is following a bad boring script. The Filipino moviegoers can get better thrills watching Vhong Navarro's horror-comedic flick, D'Anothers. At least, it stands a ghost of a chance at the tills.

If Bishop Cruz wants to have a box office hit, get meatier witnesses or better yet, change his scriptwriter.


Anonymous rambo said...

the trouble with Cam is she is credible only up to a point.
the payola money are supposedly documented with
bank deposit slips etc.

when she says she personally delivered money to mikey, then i fail to see the motivation. why the need for personal delivery? no explanation.

and why is she like forrest gump who seems to be everywhere? even at the lavista house where supposedly P2m got passed off.
even ducky paredes is a sceptic.

having said that,i still wanna see what this witness has got to say.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous toby said...

Sandra Cam is a fixer through and through. Dude, she is no Clarissa Ocampo. I think she fell in love with the spotlight that is why it's kinda hard for her to stop but I think she should.Nabenta na yan!

1:13 AM  
Anonymous bobby said...

I beg to disagree with toby. Cam is good. Bishop Cruz comes out with a witness only when he is pretty sure of that witness. He does not want fake witnesses.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous dawin said...


I think no one disagrees with the way Bishop Cruz wants to ensure truthfulness in his witnesses. It is the pace by which he presents them that is causing me much grief. The country may lose interest and if that happens, no one will give a hoot about jueteng in the end.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Scooby said...

Whatever their motivations are, it is definitely not to stop Jueteng! To stop Jueteng is to alleviate the poor from their poverty and to educate them! Bishop Cruz is "barking at the wrong tree"! Since he has the senate as his audience, he might as well convince them to start working on what we know senators should really be doing! (-:

7:59 PM  

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