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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


GMA is a blessed individual.

Just when you thought everything was going against the president, kamikaze, a divine wind, would come around and blows back ill fortune on her political foes.

Consider Black Friday, July 8, 2005. Just when everyone thought she was on her way out of the Palace and out of the government, Hurricane Ramos came around and beat back all the doomsayers.

Consider the Impeachment Case. Just when everyone thought the Garci tapes would bring down the president in a matter of weeks or months, the President survives the threat to her political fortunes by dividing and conquering the opposition and spreading the spoils of war to her allies.

Consider the planned military uprising. Just when there was rife talk of a military takeover during the UN weekend, the president receives the warm accolade of world leaders and basked in the limelight of the world stage. At home, the people's attention is turned to the arrest of two Filipinos in the US for espionage.

Consider the various street protests against the president. Just when the street protests were getting more heated, here comes the news of Manny Pacquiao beating a Mexican for a world title, allowing the president to claim credit for his victory by way of intercessory prayers to the Christian God. In the process, diverting the attention of the people to celebrating Manny's victory with the rest of country, bottles of beer in hand.

Consider the calibrated preemptive response. Just when GMA was getting tired of chasing the bullies in the schoolyard and with protesters taunting her newfound disgust, here comes another good news of a Filipina winning the Miss International Beauty Pageant. Another break in paradise!

The divine wind is not only behind her back, it is also beneath her wings and every time the opposition seems to score, the winds lift her even higher, distancing her from her enemies. For a praying person, she attributes her fortune to St. Michael the Archangel, the fighting saintly angel, not the beer bottle.

In some other presidencies in another era, an unpopular president and his handlers would have intentionally put newsworthy items to draw attention away. With GMA, good news just comes around and surprises even her without any effort on her part to digress negative news reports. She is indeed, one lucky mama.

But while the president may be protected by the divine wind, she should be reminded that the winds blow only for so long. Unlike the Japanese kamikaze, our local hanging habagat can become treacherous and unless harnessed, she may end up reaping the whirlwind or the ipu-ipu.

All we are is dust in the wind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

武士道 A Code of Bushido - That is what we need to strengthen the moral backbone of our society.

武士 We need more warriors. Not soldiers, politicians or ideologues. But confident people who can drive out fear, unsteadiness and mistakes.

Bushido also holds justice, benevolence, love, sincerity, honesty, and self-control in utmost respect. Discipline is primordial.

Bushido can create a way of life that will nourish a nation through its most troubling times, through civil wars, despair and uncertainty.

3:05 PM  
Blogger NJbabe said...

Main question is when will LUCK abandon the said character??? Will the people still be around...in other words..."Buhay pa kaya ako noon????" I can only symphatize with what is goin on in our country...In the meantime I guess like everybody else playing the waiting game.....Life is Tough!!!

1:13 AM  

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