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Monday, February 20, 2006

Helga's EDSA Reminiscences

Being a weeklong celebration of EDSA People Power Revolution, the blogosphere, however comparatively new, is not about to bemoan the irrelevance of that glorious event.

Apart from the moving account by PCIJ blog of the many varied participants of People Power, Helga recounts her Valkyrie experience of EDSA 20 years ago. She shares her experiences here and here.

A very moving account peppered with graphic details of what transpired on those 4 days and if I am not mistaken, she has discussed the first two days already and I, for one, await the third and fourth installment. Helga owes us a series!

And for those who are not aware, there is an exhibit at Glorietta 4 of EDSA from the time Ninoy was assassinated, the 1986 People Power event and up till the rallies demanding GMA’s resignation. And if you must know, Helga is in that exhibit.

Read her EDSA first person account and go to Glorietta 4 for the exhibit. And realize that this country is not yet a lost cause and as long as there are people like Eggie Apostol, Chito Gascon and Helga who have always fought for the cause of righteousness and justice, we will continue to believe in the nobility of the Filipino soul.

And yes, the Filipino is still worth dying for.


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