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Thursday, July 13, 2006

GMA & Danny Lim: A Study In Contrast

One of the standard features of a high school examination is the Compare and Contrast test.  Let us then compare and contrast the Garci tapes and the Danny Lim video.

First, the Garci tapes indubitably reveals the female voice in the tapes as that of the president.  The Lim video clearly shows Brig. Gen. Danny Lim voicing his withdrawal of support from the Arroyo government.

Second, GMA has hid behind the legality of the Anti-Wiretapping Act and therefore, denies she is the voice in the tapes despite the fact that she has this unique voice timber and a thick “s” in her manner of speech.  Danny Lim bravely admits he is the man in the tape.

Third, GMA is recorded in the tapes conspiring to defraud and cheat the presidential elections and wants a clear mandate of a 1 Million vote edge over her opponent.  Danny Lim is recorded in the video conspiring to right a wrong by withdrawing his support from a president whose legitimacy is in question – one that he brazenly calls a bogus president.

Fourth, GMA stages an apology to the Filipino people.  Danny Lim has no need to stage an apology and instead asks Secretary Raul Gonzales to investigate the video leakage.

Fifth, GMA’s and then Chief of Staff Angie Reyes’ withdrawal of support from their commander-in-chief and their president is not a crime. Danny Lim withdraws his support from what he claims to be a bogus president and is exiled to Tanay.

Sixth, to survive politically, GMA made a pact with Old Nick and his minions in the Lakas party and promises charter change, short cutting her term etc., anything to maintain her hegemony. To maintain his principles, Danny Lim refuses to turn state witness and offers nothing for the government to squeal on his brethren.

Seventh, GMA tells herself and the Filipino people to move on, calling us to forget her embarrassing recent past. Danny Lim has no way to move on, his acts will remind us of his recent past.  

Eighth, GMA will be remembered as the president who brought down decency, civility and good government. Danny Lim will be remembered as the soldier who defied the chain of command because the chain has been infested with the corrosion of corruption.

Ninth, sadly, GMA will be reviled by future generations. Danny Lim may be a footnote in history but his place amongst historians will be secure.


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Those OFW's are afraid to go back to the Philippines because they know that our country is still suffering from deep poverty. Such poverty is complicated by an incompetent presidency! Why incompetent presidency? Because Mrs. Arroyo can't even prove in an honest way that her presidency is a legitimate one..... Also, her regime doesn't work enough to stop the senseless human-rights' violations committed by suspected police officers or soldiers. The judiciary in our country is too weak to probe on such human-rights' violations. What the Filipinos have right now is a "low-intensity martial rule" that curtails certain civil liberties, so that those who are in power that have "credibility problems" can remain in political power as long as they want to.....


Democracy is natural, universal and moral for all human beings of this world. The Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East region deserve democracy. Terrorism is immoral. The UK, the U.S.A. and Israel should support the peaceful and lawful democratization of this whole world. All the Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East region should respect and recognize Israel's sovereignty. All the Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East region should respect and recognize the right of Israel to exist as a nation in this world.

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