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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Letter to Edmund

My dear Edmund,

Hearing you criticize the Justice Committee process and impassionedly pleading other solons to join the bandwagon of 79, I cannot help but be moved.

Has the truth been reduced to 79 signatures? No, Edmund, you are right. The truth cannot be diminished to a mere 79 signatures. The truth is much bigger than you and I, the legislature or even the entire machinery of government. After all, truth is no respecter of persons, of stature or of class.

But what has been reduced to 79 signatures is the constitutional mechanism by which a sitting president can be removed from office. The opposition, through its fair-haired boy, Francis Escudero, refused to participate in the process, fearful that a numbers game will be a travesty of justice. When the call for resignation did not sufficiently stoke the people’s ire, it was only then that the opposition realized their folly and began to join the process in earnest.

How can we not blame the opposition? Led by young, emotional and unseasoned players who believed that outrage in the streets will trump other constitutional options, what did you expect? Except for Suplico, where were the congressional veterans of the Davide impeachment debacle who should have spearheaded this adventure?

I do not know if you offered or was proferred to deliver the privilege speech but your credibility is a cut above the opposition. You were no part of the opposition, you played no part in the complaints, and the sole part you played was to dignify the search for the truth, even unto strong disapprobation from your own blood.

By your composure, you concealed the opprobrium, the incompetence, the immaturity of these young opposition solons, who even now, cannot face their fleeting defeat with calm and dignity. Like truth, disgrace honors no political parties and its stench rends asunder both the administration and opposition.

You accused the House where you sit that it has reduced the truth to 79 signatures. But was joy not overwrought in the 11th Congress when you secured the signatures of 1/3 of the House to impeach Erap and repaired his case to the Senate?

You accused the House where you sit that it has reduced the truth to 79 signatures. And yet, to the end of your speech, you pleaded movingly to your peers, looking around the Hall for eyes to meet yours, searching for brave souls to join and make complete the 79 signatures. Has the truth been reduced to 79 signatures? You tell me.

My dear Edmund, do not lose heart. Rage, rage against what you see is injustice for the race to 79 is far from over.

No, Edmund, the truth has not been reduced to 79 signatures. The truth is the 79 signatures. And therefore, seek out the rest because the truth is still out there. And then, we shall have the reckoning.

As always, a friend who holds you in high esteem,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

just letting you know i enjoy reading your blog.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous dawin said...

Thank you for your comment. Please do not tire reading other blogs as well. It is the alternative media where hopefully, you will find no spin.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous desune said...

hey atty,
i think you are a little bit too rough on the 'young guns'. (young goons daw, sabi ng one of the majority). but i feel a little sorry for those guys. their idealism is inspiring, even if as you say, they were less than sure in their strategies.

do you think they will get to the finish line? care to make a fearless forecast.

i love that word. opprobrium. though i can't hardly pronounce it.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous dawin said...


Hope springs eternal. As long as the plenary has not voted, everything is still possible.

As for the young 'uns, idealistic? Maybe. But they were just as good in spin as the old hands in politics.

Still, we wait.

1:15 AM  
Blogger mama_aly said...

My simple unschooled in lawyering mind knows that a "complaint" is an expression of grief, pain or dissatisfaction. Whether there was 3 or 1, something had to be done!

Now Congress says they're taking up NONE?! Anobayan????

I don't think I need to be a lawyer to understand that something is very wrong here, right?

6:58 AM  
Anonymous dawin said...


It's unfortunate for the administration to throw out all the complaints. I believe that the amended complaint is a valid complaint that complements the original complaint. Unfortunately, the administration solons did not see it that way.

Whether the whole proceeding was contrived, I think your exasperation shows it.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Punzi said...

Fantastic read, my friend...

Sent chills down my spine and made my hair (apart from those already) stand up.

1:04 PM  
Blogger jove said...

great piece edwin.

4:33 PM  

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