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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slo Mo

Is the opposition really serious in accusing the administration solons of delaying the impeachment proceedings? Are they really indignant that GMA’s allies in the House have stymied and drowned them in technicalities?

For starters, the move to impeach GMA has been nothing more than a fool’s hope for the opposition. They initially refused to go down the impeachment lane, insisting and preferring that the president resign posthaste. But when the Hyatt Ten, the Cory Call, and the Liberal Cabal failed to unhinge GMA from her throne of grace and seeing that the public much preferred GMA impeached, reluctantly did they agree but not before calling Oliver Lozano a stooge of the administration.

If there is now quandary in the House as to the true impeachment complaint, the opposition has itself to blame. They were so convinced of GMA's downfall on 7 July that no fallback plan was conceived in the event of failure. And by the time they realize that impeachment was the only constitutionally viable option, Lozano had beaten them to the draw with a complaint whose greatest worth is for wiping one’s arse.

Thus, when the three complaints were referred to the Justice Committee on the same day, the administration seized this technicality to insist that only the original Lozano complaint should be considered following their reading of the Francisco case. And so, here we are in the Justice Committee debating the same reasons, reciting the impeachment provisions in toto from memory, citing the holy name of Fr. Bernas over and over again as if invoking him will reflect some measure of brilliance to the invoker. Delay is everywhere.

In the meantime, one cannot believe that the opposition does not welcome the administration’s intent to slow down the process. Being an uphill journey to reach the elusive 79, the opposition must trudge the slow, weary and uphill climb. With each day that the administration dawdles on details, the opposition should strive to apply its powers of moral and legal persuasion to attract the fence sitters, sway the unbelievers, and soften the middle of the roaders to a favorable compromise. This, the opposition must earnestly do while the Eye of Sauron is fixed elsewhere.

Let the media huggers bask in the limelight of ANC News. Truth to tell, their speeches are a tad boring and the name of Bernas, like Hare Krishna, repeated so often has become a mantra and an invitation to get some shut-eye in the afternoon. Enough said already about the Francisco case. As there are many eloquent speakers in the opposition, there are just as many in the administration that speak the language of persuasion.

The opposition cannot hope to win the public debate on TV. All of it is a stage and for public consumption. What will undermine the administration stranglehold is for the foot soldiers working beyond the pale of media coverage to seek out the reluctant, the morally upright and indignant solons among them while at the same time, combatting the wiles, inducements and seducements of the administration and the Speaker. And with each day of delay, the opportunity presents itself to overcome the heavy boulder of rolling to 79.

So, let Datumanong lord it over the Justice Committee and let Paras, Suplico and Cayetano think they are the Demostheneses and the Ciceros of the opposition. The fight will not be found in the speeches and the debates. Neither will victory be achieved by invoking case law. The fight will be found in the hushed hallowed corridors of the House, in the air-conditioned offices of the solons, and in the tiny nook in a solon’s mind called conscience, that is, if they still have one. And this silent war will be won as long as the administration continues to abet in the delay.

The opposition should not insist on a swift end, not while their numbers are inadequate. The delay has started to produce some good results evidenced by five new endorsers. And whoever said delay is always a bad thing has never applied technicalities to one’s advantage. Lest we forget, the name of the game is called “creeping impeachment”.

And therefore, let the wheels of justice and the Justice Committee grind, and let it grind ever exceedingly slow. For once, let us not grumble but embrace delay.


Blogger Punzi said...

Correct! As a lawyer, my first field of expertise was in "the art of postponement"... since my bosses used to order me to attent their hearings just
to postpone their cases...


8:06 AM  

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