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Monday, August 15, 2005


Why is it when the government speaks of cost escalation and price increases, the poor gets affected directly but when government speaks of prosperity, the poor experiences a mere trickle down effect;

Why is it when the government played the Bunye tapes, it was called the truth but when the opposition played the Garci tapes, it was sedition;

Why is it when oil companies increase gas prices, they call it under- recovery but when they profit from our misery, they still call it under-recovery;

Why is it when Dinky Soliman asked GMA to resign, she was called a heroine but when Bong Revilla asked Erap to resign, he was called “traydor”;

Why is it when GMA urged the military to be professionals, the military urged the politicians to stay away;

Why is it when Bishop Cruz said he no longer had witnesses in the Senate jueteng investigation, the opposition senators started producing their witnesses;

Why am I not surprised that we have the same clowns involved in both the Erap and GMA impeachment in the House and why am I not surprised that the ending will still be the same three-ring circus;

Why do I think that GMA will suffer the same fate as Erap whenever I hear Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Juan Ponce Enrile defending GMA the same way they defended Erap;

Why do I think that the impeachment complaint will not stand the test of legal and congressional scrutiny when the very foundation is the Garci tapes and the rest of the allegations merely used boilerplate phrases to denote crimes but which may not necessarily be impeachable offenses

Why am I afraid that charter change will be inevitable and JDV will force the hands of the legislators to elect him as this country’s new Prime Minister and his wife, Gina de Venecia as Prime Mistress(?);

Why am I afraid that if GMA is not impeached, the First Gentleman will come back with a vengeance and do a Shylock on all his accusers;

Why do I think that once GMA escapes impeachment, her hold on the presidency will be more tenuous and will be subject to further compromises and favors from all and sundry who propped her up; and

Why do I think Mike Defensor is the embodiment of the phrase “There is logic in his madness” and why do I think the administration has cried havoc and let slipped its dogs of war.

Just musings and thoughts. One of those days when you wished if only God could now separate the sheep from the goats, and pray for the coming of His Kingdom to end all this political insanity.


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