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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Watching ANC Yesterday

Watching ANC is no longer watching plain news. Yesterday's features were hilarious, naturally serious and extremely poignant. If there is any reason why one should drop Destiny Cable, ANC would be it.

For starters:

Watching Ka Iggy Bunye demanding the release of Ka Bert before dialogue can start with the “imperyalistang Senado” reminded me of the CPP-NPA demanding the release of political prisoners, as a sign of good faith, before the start of peace talks.

But this was not a negotiation between the National Democratic Front and the government. It was more like a konfrontasi between the Joma and the reformist factions of CPP. Ka Iggy was a portrait of serious mien (not even smiling one bit, as his usual decorum) demanding a precondition before sitting down with Ka Frank and his gaggle of gumbahs.

What were lacking in Ka Iggy’s countenance were a green Mao cap and an El Shaddai handkerchief covering his mouth while he spoke. That would have given his appearance some gravitas. Instead, his picture was taken with a below-eye level angle superciliously begging, in the guise of a demand, for the Senate to capitulate even before the first shot is fired.

Someone should reprimand Ka Reli German or Kaka Lupita Kashiwahara for allowing Ka Iggy to be taken with a below eye level shot. It showed him weak and betrayed his tentative demand. I got that from my professor, the future National Artist, Doy del Mundo.

During lunch time, my food turned more delectable when I chanced upon Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago making an arse of herself. Not only was she a picture of amusing incoherent babble, I saw the serious male host, Ricky Carandang, broke out in laughter, not once, not twice but many times over. For making Ricky Carandang laughed, Sen. Santiago deserves the Metro Manila Film Fest Award for Best Comedian. Unfortunately, Lolit Solis belongs to another channel and could not personally rig the votes.

Incidentally, on the same show, Miriam played it fast and loose with the Latin term “res gestae”. Somebody should put her to task for making the entire Filipino community and Pinky Webb believed that what she heard from another person who heard it from another person who heard it from another person ad infinitum is admissible evidence. Yes, it is admissible in the garbage. By the way, is that what the law school in Diliman is teaching its students nowadays? Just asking.

On Miriam still, this lady who kept eating death threats for breakfast since she became a government factotum must have that as reason for her mouth and jaw being seemingly misaligned. Maybe, that also explains her sui generis Ilongchigan (Ilonggo & Michigan) accent. To remedy that, I shamelessly recommend my brother-in-law who is only one of 5 or 6 U. S. trained prosthodontists in the country today. She may yet recover her jaw dropping beauty.

Now, if only Ricky Reyes can fix her hair….

Ms. Korina Sanchez is getting better and better with her ANC show. She has already conquered the masses with her AM radio and free channel TV shows. Now, her ISYU show is convincing the elite and the intellectual class that she is no piffle.

Proof positive are the important guests from the government and the opposition who will not hesitate to guest and air their views on her show, knowing that her show is on primetime and people watched it avidly.

But the best proof that she has struck a raw nerve in the Palace was when she was not invited to interview the president after the latter’s arrival from a successful stint in the United Nations. She, who has walked with the president all the way from her first day as president up till after her “I am sorry” spiel, now finds the Palace doors closed to her.

Instead, the Palace preferred an old hand who proclaimed nothing but paeans to the president. What a waste. One of those few times that ANC made a big mistake.

Anyway, there is always hope for the flowers.

Finally, on Strictly Politics, the most poignant moment of that show was the final segment where the PMA song was played. The montage on the PMA and the graduates were something we have seen in previous years.

But the one noble moment on that show was when the 3 guests, Sen. Biazon, Atty. Mariano Santiago and Mr. Robert Lee, all graduates of PMA, together with Pia Hontiveros, stood at attention while the song was playing. It was a moving and humbling moment.

The song and the honor it got from the 3 guests somehow reminded me of a time gone by where idealism flew high, where truth was a noble pursuit, where love of country was a virtue, and where cheating, lying and stealing were vices to be avoided, not justifying circumstances to hold on to.

That cannot be strictly politics. It has to be the way of life for all Filipinos.


Blogger NJbabe said...

This piece really moved me....As Billy Joel's song "Honesty" and I will add to it..."Love for ones' country" ..."are such lonely words". It is so sad that idealism seems to have lost its value in this much materialistic world we live in. How I wish I could have watched the said ANC programs....well so much for that but thanks so much for writing up and informing me of what has been happening ....Good Luck to everybody!!!!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Punzi said...

I know why ANC is your favorite channel...

7:28 AM  
Anonymous dawin said...

Porf. Punzi,

Is it because you watch ANC too? he he he

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Korina is really the most credible news anchor and journalist in the Philippines aside from chec che...not mel tiangco or even mike enriquez!

1:36 PM  

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