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Saturday, December 03, 2005

We Are What We Appreciate

Another weekend poem from the 12-year old Xavier lad, Matthew Go, whose understanding of human emotions speaks well beyond his years. Our human capital may be in flight but our artistic expression shall remain inestimable with poets nurtured young and poems crafted with grace
How often we don’t cry when tears are needed
And how often we weep for the wrong reasons
How often we don’t feel what is meant to be
How often we neglect what we touch and see

All the things whether we see or not were always there
But they vanish as quickly as we ignore
We avoid contact with things that fuel our existence
We are fools not to notice there is more

We have so much to give yet it is us who take
We have so much to love yet it is us who hate
We have so much to laugh yet it is us who wail
We have so much to win yet it is us who fail

The fundamentals of life are the most basic
Yet to others it is out of reach
And as the hands clutch and miss the chance
Goodness flees with no backward glance

We are what we feel
We are what we do
We are what we create
We are what we appreciate

Sit down & listen to the rain hit the ground
Look up and leap at the beauty of the clouds
Hear the banter of children at play
Smell the spring after the last winter day

Pity those who see only what their minds wish
For there is so much more than what it seems
Heaven has always been around us
Our work, our play, our dreams…

- Matthew Go -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet another briliant work by this great matthew go. it is surprising how such a young lad can compose such a remarkable piece. the harmony of the rhyme can be shown with the balance of the sylables. i aactually like this more than splendor. i suppose it is expected because he wrote this when he was 12 and splendor was when he was 11. this is true proof that poets of new grow in talent as their souls progress. i nownow that the literature of old cannot be lost in the world of the young who have turned their backs and faced those new gadgets and high-tech objects. i breathe a breath of relief that the spirit of shakespere and cervantes will not die in this bo. it shall live on in his form and walk the path of pure splendor. i appreciate this boy and he trully is what he appreciates: the life and love of poetry

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from my quiet vantage point in l.a., thousands of miles of mapayapang dagat away from phone scandals, from haggard women using ill-fed babies to beg pity in the streets, from flyovers that do not seem to lead all those gasping cars anywhere- i hear and read about my bayang pinanggalingan and can only shake my head and think, "ay, kawawang pilipinas na napakaganda pa naman." but matthew's wisdom and compassion suggest that there remain seeds of hope waiting to be nurtured buried in the grime of the present. that is, if that mass of human capital fleeing does not trample and crush those seeds.

3:40 AM  
Anonymous kian velez said...

well, I would like to post a comment about these anonymous people...I guess you can say that they have truly understood this poem. but I am very surprised on how they did it so quickly...a bit exaggerating ey "anonymous" ?

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Daphne said...

It's amazing how a young mind fully understands what carpe diem truly means - it's how we seize the opportunity in front of us, savor the beauty of nature, and make the most of what life has to offer! Matthew, keep on inspiring others through your writing!

6:16 PM  
Anonymous siewkeow said...

Matthew possesses deep profound understanding of human emotions. I am very touched by his ability to express in simple words - yet deep in meaning - it leaves a lasting impression on readers - as the words in their simplicity touch the roots of human emotions which are actually at times incomprehensible - feeling emotions when we shouldnt have. The 2nd last verse brings us back and remind us to appreciate the basic things in life which we take for granted. A well written and thought provoking poem.

10:31 AM  

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