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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nograles the Specious One

Congressman Prospero Nograles is a fool and he would like us to believe that the Comelec officials can do no wrong. Nograles posited the belief that the Ombudsman cleared the COMELEC officials because there was no proof beyond reasonable doubt!

But that is not the role of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is nothing more than a glorified fiscal whose province is to investigate anomalies of public officials.  But like any public prosecutor in conducting a preliminary investigation, its duty is not to determine proof beyond reasonable doubt but merely a “prima facie” case of criminal wrongdoing.

There is nothing in the rules of Criminal Procedure or in the Rules of the Ombudsman which requires the Ombudsman to go the next mile and determine proof beyond reasonable doubt. That is the role of a public prosecutor when he is court already but not before that.

In arguing the way he did, Nograles knew he was in murky ground but like the ever loyal foot soldier of this administration, he hurls stupid legal arguments because he knows the Filipino people are a timid apathetic lot who simply do not give a rat’s ass to wrongdoing in this country.  

And the insult to me is, he willingly flails his stupidity (notwithstanding he is a bar topnotcher) not only on his Davao constituents but on the whole Filipino nation and did it without batting an eyelash. As both Enteng Romano and Etta Rosales said: “Bastusan na!

And still, the Filipino people sleeps the sleep of the dead!


Blogger Paeng said...

hay naku, kung lahat ng abogado tatanggap lang ng kaso kapag may proof beyond reasonable doubt on the onset of a case, ang daming di makakakuha ng abogado.

akala siguro ng Ombudsman siya yung Supreme Court. parang DOJ, laging humahatol kahit na ang role nila ay pagiging fiscal / prosecutor.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wala akong alam masyado sa batas pero Nograles ba kamo?

Ang daming waiting shed at basketball courts nyan dito sa Davao.

Para bang utang na loob ng mga taga Davao kay Nograles ang mga basketball courts at waiting sheds na ito na kailangang ipagpasalamat sa kanya at sa kanyang pangulo.

Naka-imprinta kasi ang pangalan niya don eh.

9:18 PM  
Blogger schumey said...

May topnotcher palang tanga. Si Nogiboy talaga, basta may masabi lang, kahit amli ay aayunan. When one lives in lies, one tends to believe its the truth. This is how the administration lives.

3:23 PM  
Blogger The Purple Phoenix said...

huwaat? bar topnotcher siya. sabagay atenista eh...ooops :-)


i have developed a phobia whenever i hear a lawmaker with the name prospero speaks. nograles, pichay...pare-pareho lang sila.

4:48 PM  
Blogger RUMMEL PINERA said...

The current political harassment from the Palace against a known opposition figure is really a shameful act that was made to further degrade the democratic institutions in our country. In the first place, the "issue of ghost employees" is a national issue that is haunting the national government, including the presidential palace, the cabinet secretaries' offices and almost all of the local officials' offices throughout the country. The issue of ghost employment in the Philippine government is a national problem that has to be resolved. Why single out Makati City only? Why not begin the process at the Malacanyang Palace? And why is it that there is a "swift process of investigation" for opposition figures as compared to the "slow process of investigation" against known administration officials? When will Mrs. Arroyo herself face an honest-to-goodness investigation process that will determine the legitimacy of her presidency? As I've said before, Mrs. Arroyo has a credibility problem that makes her presidency become so bankrupt in upholding moral values. Such presidency has no moral basis to suspend local officials on the basis of mere suspicions only. Mrs. Arroyo should advocate political abrogationism herself, so that she can wage a real campaign for the gaining of real and moral democracy in our country. Political abrogationism is the advocacy of peaceful and lawful abolition of all types of dictatorships, monarchial reigns and despotic regimes all over this world. Political abrogationism also preaches that every country, every social organization and every culture in our world should peacefully and lawfully embrace real and moral democracy. Mrs. Arroyo can know more about political abrogationism by typing and clicking the word "political abrogationism" at any internet search box that is available. Mrs. Arroyo should be advised by Sec. Puno to stop making despotic policies that continuosly degrade the democratic institutions in our country. Sec. Puno should quit his post if he can't say that to Mrs. Arroyo.

All the legal, progressive and peaceful groups in our country should ask the presidency to stop harassing Mayor Jejomar Binay. Let Binay serve his term as mayor of Makati without political harassment from a questionable presidency. Let Mrs. Arroyo face an investigative body that will determine the legitimacy of her presidency.




11:00 AM  
Blogger Rizalist said...

Hi there Ed!

I’ve found a fly in the Supreme Court’s Ointment!

Remember that Lambino v. Comelec finds no merit in the plaintiff’s prayer primarily because they did not “show to the people” the full text of the proposed changes for the people “to sign upon the initiative petition.” To support this conclusion, the Court made the following finding of fact based on documents and testimony before it: “If ever, not more than one million signatories saw the petition before they signed the signature sheets.”

But guess what, the SWS 2nd Quarter Survey (results released on July 13, 2006) which SWS and PDI both headlined yesterday as being “consistent” with above basic finding of the Court, in fact DISPROVES the Supreme Court’s finding of fact!

Mahar Mangahas gives the basic arithmetic results from July: “Six of every ten of those approached on a petition said that they were not shown the amendments which they were asked to sign” in its July 13, 2006 Media Release “‘No’Vote In Cha-cha Plebiscite Rises To 67%; Only 6.8% Have Signed A Petition.” (SWS)

The NSCB says there about 43.5 million registered voters in 2004 and that the population growth rate is about 2% per annum.

According to this SWS Data, how many people who had been approached about pi had SEEN the initiative petition by June 2006, 5 months into a 7 month signature collection campaign?

Work out the heavy arithmetic and find that MORE THAN ONE MILLION had seen the initiative petition as of June 30, 2006!

SWS’s incontrovertible data could become a part of the Sigaw Motion for Reconsideration because while it does not prove that they “showed to the people” the full text, it DOES prove that the Supreme Court made a finding of fact but was WRONG! Mathematically. Can this change the Decision? Hardly, because of the revision thing. But it is a very interesting twist in the denouement of this whole affaire.

SWS proves the Supreme Court erred in a finding of fact!

5:50 AM  
Blogger ABM International Consultancy said...

If you want to see an example of a gym in Davao where the Honorable Congressman Nograles is advertising himself using people's money, watch this YOU TUBE at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJpCM263cvM.

3:23 PM  

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