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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOA-AD Intervention

Today, the bloggers made political history.  

Led by Manolo Quezon, the bloggers, among others, filed a Motion for Intervention before the Secretary General of the House of Representatives, asking that we be allowed to intervene and include the Memorandum of Agreement on the Ancestral Domain which the Supreme Court found unconstitutional.

If you watched the ANC interview of Manolo, it would seem like the Secretary General who I understand to be a lawyer could have immediately accepted the Motion.  After all, it is merely ministerial on her part under the Constitution and under the House Rules to accept any impeachment related pleading. Discretion was never ever given to the Secretary General whether to accept the Motion.

And instead of using her basic knowledge of procedural law and how the Rules of Court are suppletory in character in the absence of any specific provision in the House Rules,  the Secretary General dilly dallied, conferred with her superior, presumably the Speaker and made what could have been a non-event into a media frenzy.  

In the end, the Secretary General declared that the Motion is an unprecedented pleading and decided that the best course to take is to accept the Motion for Intervention and let the pertinent House Committee rule on it.

As a blogger, it was an honor to have my signature affixed on this document. Whatever the consequences are, we need to show our country that we have an incumbent president who has failed to honor the "take care" clause in the Constitution, sacrificing the country's interest in favor of her own political ambitions and must of consequence, be held accountable to the ills she has cursed this nation with.

The motion is a challenge also to all those minority congressmen who have taken a jaded view of the impeachment proceedings and to all those congressmen who strongly believed that the President's assent to the MOA would have dismembered the Republic.  It is for these congressmen to stand up to their principles and be counted.  Lest we think that the pork barrel has made them fattened calves and their minds demented with slothful plaque.

Here is the link to the MOA Intervention.  The arguments are sound and solid. Anyone who reads the motion will come away convince that the President should not stay a day longer in office.  

Yes, We Can!