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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The End of the World

Last 10 January 2005, Niña and I had our annual get-together Christmas party of our law school barkada. Our peer group go a long way since first year law school. Actually, I am the odd man out. I belonged to Section C while the rest of the group belonged to Section A. Our group consisted of two guys and 5 ladies.

As usual, the discussion centered around the tsunami and the tornadoes in Florida (one classmate migrated there and came home for Christmas) among other calamities. It so happened that two of our classmates were born again Christians and so, in their deeply held convictions, they said that the onslaught of calamities signalled the coming end of the world.

As a sign of respect, I did not disagree. But I can not seem to bring myself to agree with them on this point. I know that Jesus warned of calamities and wars before the end times but deep in my heart, this is not it. Going home, I discussed my observation with Niña. And then, she said the simplest, most profound explanation. We choose not to believe that these are end times because we have children who are our pathways to the future.

I could not bring myself to accept that I am living in the throes of the end times. This disbelief is not brought about by the lack of faith. My reluctance stems from the thought that my children who we have raised up will face the inevitable demise of the world. We have raised them to look forward to a good future, not to face the doom and gloom. And for that, I cannot accept that their fate is to face death.

I know that the end will come. Whether one believes in God or not, we live in a finite world where a line has been drawn in the sand. And whether one believes in the afterlife or not, a mandate to live a moral life has been exacted on our conscience since childhood. For that, I will continue to train my children to have faith and lead upright lives so that before the judgment seat of God, they will be declared just and righteous.

In the meantime, I continue to pray for the coming of the kingdom in the Lord's prayer but deep in my heart, I will continue to plead: Lord, not yet. Let me see the smile in my children's children and for their their descendants to see the beauty of God's creation.

For this, we pray. Not yet, Lord.


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