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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Second Wind

However the opposition’s vehement denial that the impeachment process is a race from start to finish, last night’s gathering at La Salle Greenhills cemented the reality that it is one. The opposition just got their second wind.

Just when everyone was predicting the demise of the process, when everyone was already burying the yet to be dead proceeding, the opposition got a boost from not one, but two powerful symbols of Philippine politics, former President Corazon Aquino and the prettiest first lady the Philippines will never have, Ms. Susan Roces.

From the start, the fight to 79 needed to be shepherded. But the young ones were fickle, hasty and undiscerning. The old ones were laid back willing to let the little lambs lead the way. Up till Friday, the process appeared headed for the rocks, the opposition ship helmless, listing and rudderless, battered to and fro by the administration in a stormy sea of political confusion.

And whatever legal, documentary and evidentiary arsenal they have conjured, the opposition could not seem to dent the hide of pro-GMA solons. Even Edmund’s plea appeared contrived and focused on the wrong audience. For all their posturing and bravura that they are at arm’s length of 79, the opposition was already at its wit's end.

What the opposition needed was to regain the high moral ground but none among them could muster the moral purity required to fend any attack on their virtues or their lack thereof. And who could better rally the cause than the white clad Susan Roces symbolizing purity and the yellow laden Cory Aquino symbolizing peace. Between them, they bridge whatever moral chasm or credibility gap which the opposition sorely lacked.

Their combined presence have recharged and united the opposition, civil society, political left and the middle forces, at least from where I sit. Let us see if their reinforcing presence come next week will influence the solons of the Lower House to pass the baton to the Upper House. At least, with Congressman Roman, they did.

And however the opposition’s vehement denial that the impeachment process is a race, they just got their second wind, whether they admit it or not.


Anonymous desune said...

just caught the tail end of the coverage on AM radio. they could be bluffing but it sounded genuinely very upbeat and confident. (even hinting that the magic number was reached) I was hoping for some blogging comments last night as i had missed most of it. media coverage on latenight news was very limited.
A second wind. yup, that was what it sounded like

9:59 AM  
Anonymous mlq3 said...

I'll be blogging later, but I was there in the meetings before and after the Mass. You're absolutely correct, it's fight, fight, fight, fight!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Punzi said...

But whatever it is, they have to play it close to their chest this time...

I think they know (or should have known) that by now...

5:59 PM  
Blogger Punzi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:00 PM  

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