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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Strong Republic?

The Arroyo government and their subalterns must be on a death wish.

Despite the negative reaction to the calibrated preemptive response, it continues to implement the steeled policy against the Mendiola rallyists. First, the policemen pushed the rallyists back, when the rallyists pushed back, they used shields to repel them, when the rallyists resisted, the policemen trunchoned them, and when truncheons did not work, they used water cannons.

If anything, the water cannons are the vestigial symbol of martial law oppression. If martial law has not been declared yet, we are in its throes.

Then, you have Bayani Fernando’s sycophants, the MMDA storm troopers, who cleared out families of soldiers squatting on lands adjacent to C-5. One tactless MMDA fool, a certain Mr. Esquivel, crowed the purpose of removing these human rejects was to beautify C-5, sounding so much like Imelda Marcos who beautified and walled up the entire slum area lining up the entire stretch of Quirino Avenue so foreign dignitaries passing through will not see the blight that is Manila.

Then, you have the president herself squarely blaming the senators for any future terrorist blow-up that will spring with Bert Gonzales, the pseudo-sick National Security Adviser, in custody. Talk about winning friends and influencing people. More like using vinegar to attract bees.

Whatever allies she has are allies that will not stand with her till the end. They are beneficiaries of government largesse and when the well runs dry, she will find herself running on empty and with no one.

In all fronts, the more beleaguered the president, the tougher she acts. She has practically lost all options to dialogue with her foes because her enemies have adopted a “take-no-prisoner” stance. And as a result, she is mirroring Ferdinand Marcos more and more in countenance, if not in iron-fist conduct.

The vision of a Strong Republic is finally taking shape.


Blogger NJbabe said...

Strong or a very corruptive government? When unity is absent, everything crumbles. Like I said too much or too little of everything in life is bad...balance is the key. It is just a waste that our counry has so much to offer.....I guess temptation will always be there and it takes a lot of character for one to resist...

9:19 PM  

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