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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Volcano

Maybe his outburst was spontaneous but Major General Emmanuel Teodosio’s unscripted outrage was very telling in that it is the first time that a high ranking military official vented in public his exasperation at the current political situation. He berates the administration and the opposition of engaging in a tug-of-war that is jeopardizing his promotion and bewails the neglect for the heroes of the republic. “This is no way to treat the heroes of the republic”, so he complained.

His remarks were so uncommon but so forthright that it demands a second look on whether his remarks were plain frustration or a veiled threat to the constituted government.

His statement seemed to confirm the nagging feeling that the military is not all too happy with the president and with the way they are being muzzled by E. O. 464.  Senator Biazon mentioned certain men in uniform willing to come forward and testify to the electoral fraud they witnessed during the last elections.  Then, you have Col. Buenaventura Pascual, AFP spokesperson, treading half-heartedly on the Gudani case unlike his announcement on the prosecution of General Garcia.  

Now, you have Major Gen. Teodosio bellowing his righteous frustration on the government like a political commentator.  It seems the left is not the only entity taunting this government, the military is just as agitated, wanting to test the mettle of the president’s iron fist directive on the men-at-arms.  One wonders whether Gen. Teodosio will also be court-martialed for giving interviews in violation of E. O. 464.  After all, he did not exactly cast the administration in a good light.  This is really getting curiouser.

This latest military tirade appears to be a Calibrated Pressure to Remind the president that if all is not well within the military, all will not be well with her tenure.  Unless the president cleans house and remedy Teodosio’s complaint, she will likely be evicted by Kuya.

With all the happenings after the Gudani episode, one can safely assume that the despite protestations to the contrary, the military is no longer one big leviathan at the beck and call of the president. Their loyalties lie elsewhere.  Even the commanders call upon their soldiers to obey not the president per se but a concept, “chain of command”, making certain not to utter the president by name,   lest they huff and they puff till they blow the house down.

Last time I check, the scientific reason a volcano erupts is to alleviate pressure from within.  Does it take a volcanologist to draw a parallel with the military?


Blogger NJbabe said...

As I wached the Filipino news of the impending erruption of Mayon Volcano and other supposedly earthquake allert...I too was wondering when the military will blow their horns after watching how the lower ranks are being treated plus the "corruption last election". As I know too well that in other countries, police and military (may they be in the rank and file order)are well taken cared of...I felt this strong emotion to cry and feel sorry on how our country is going to. ARe we going to loose more people who have principles in life due to poverty and admore to the wordly goods??? You are right about the volcano...just like and old saying that once the jar is full, all one can do is either lessen or empty out otherwise ....

9:05 PM  

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