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Saturday, November 12, 2005

B&W Comment

Last Wednesday, the Black and White Movement came out with their first public information ad and subsequently, it was posted in their website. Incidentally, the blog of the Black and White Movement is blckandwhte.blogspot.com. If you believe in its advocacy and its reform agenda, please link it to your sites. I did.

Well, after the ad was posted in their blog, I browsed through their comments and there was an interesting and biting comment against the Black and White.

Helga, the Valkyrie, equal to the task, responded with determined tenacity concluding with perfect sarcasm.

My narration does injustice to the dialogue. You may wish to browse through the comments in the blog but I have taken the liberty of reproducing them here. And judge for yourselves the merit of Helga’s retort:


One comment, no matter how nicely you introduce your organization, you have to admit one thing: you are in the minority.I have a few questions for BWM:

Can you accept the fact that GMA is still around after all the controversies of the past year because she has majority of the people's support - people who did not rise up in arms to oust her?

Can you accept the fact that majority of the people believe GMA may have legitimately won the elections because she was so damnd lucky no one from the opposition was willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation and because her only true opponent got sick toward the end of the campaign - and for these people, that is enough for them?

Can you accept the fact that majority of the population wanted to see the impeachment thru but since it did not, we have opted to move on?

Can you accept the fact that Noli de Castro is sticking to GMA because he believes they won the election and both have a mandate to see their term through?

Can you accept the fact that as irritating, arrogant or wrong as GMA may be she is the legitimate president of the republic and the rest of us citizens of the republic can take that?If you cannot, please see a therapist who can help you move on.

Helga’s Response:

Ok, for the sake of argument, let's say we are in the minority. Just bear in mind that the truth is that we are in the majority. Please check all the surveys, SWS and Pulse, to date. But anyway, let's keep to your thinking for now.

No matter how you couch your argument to make you feel comfy, it's a cop out set of beliefs that help you move on. I marvel at how easy it is for you to choose the easy road, like many other Filipinos who purport to love their country.

We were in the minority when the move to oust Marcos was begun, we were in the minority when we first voiced distrust of Erap. If we are what you say we are, we find ourselves in the same minority again.

A minority that consists of people who believe that complacency has no room in our hearts, that wrings must be redressed, that a bright future for our youth is assured. If I belong to the minority that is willing to fight for a government that we should have, then I like the company I'm keeping.

To move on means to accept that blind loyalty is a good thing. To move on means that you accept that our values have eroded to such a degree that you find it alright to have a dishonest, and in your words arrogant and wrong person keep the Presidency.

Are you one of those people that allows their spouse to cheat on them, their kid to cheat in school, that steals from their employer? Bet you'd say no. But then that would be a contradiction. Tsk, tsk.

I personally believe I am in good company. It is a company of folks that have chosen a difficult path. We aren't going to give up.

What company are you keeping?"



Blogger Den Salvacion said...

Survey results are not 100% accurate, realistically speaking. Comparing a thousand of respondents to millions of pinoy belonging to the silent majority, that is nothing.

I just wish they stop misleading people. Each of their opinion may be very eloquently said and sounds like a very intelligent view, but it does not change that it's nothing but an opinion. We should stick to FACTS. Stop this endless political bickering.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Arbet said...

Using the commenter's line of reasoning, the surveys that the GMA campaign machine pointed to, and continues to point to, is realistically speaking, not 100% accurate. Now who then mislead the people first?

And what are the facts? Congress declared GMA as the 2004 election winner, but is it true?

The reason I almost hated democracy is due to the stupid idea called silent majority. I always told my students (when I was still teaching) that if you don't bother getting out of the silent majority, you are a useless person that does not deserve his freedom and rights that the Charter has granted him. Those rights and freedoms come with a price, and it is eternal vigilance. And oh, count civic involvement, too.

Silent Majority = laziness.

7:34 PM  

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