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Friday, November 04, 2005

Truth And Consequence

Come next week, the people’s search for truth will climb a notch higher. All those evidences that would have either exculpated or convicted the president shall be presented in this Citizen’s Congress for Truth and Accountability, a forum where bits and pieces, to torrents and finally to roomfuls of evidence proving in detail the president’s acts of betrayal, culpable violation of the constitution, etc. shall be disclosed for the public to see.

Will we see the president convicted? No.

That question should not even be asked. There is no legal authority for this people’s congress to convict the president, much less, impose sanctions. The president’s men went about crowing the forum’s illegality without realizing as much that their chief may well be one. Adding ignorance to injury, if the administration thinks it is has no legal basis, why was DOJ Secretary Raul “the Rottweiler” Gonzales insistent on indicting them for usurpation?

The government may have brainwashed the people into believing that the people’s congress is a kangaroo court especially, when no representative from the president’s side, not even Sec. Mike Defensor, will appear before the body. Poor Mike Defensor, since the Garci scandal, he has been trying doubly hard to please the president especially, now that GMA’s object of affection is Arthur Yap, whose work in the shadows is deviously more effective than Mike’s continuous search for his Andy Warhol minutes of fame.

It is not a kangaroo court because the people’s congress will not sit as judge, jury and executioner all at the same time. That is the standard definition of a kangaroo court.

But if there is one kangaroo court that will defy its very own definition, it is the people themselves acting as one humongous kangaroo court. It is the people at large who will sift through the evidences as a jury is wont to do, rule on the weight of evidences as judges are mandated to perform, and dispose and depose the president as executioner, however, the means may take.

Thus, we take with a grain of salt the derisive statements by Secretaries Bunye and Ermita on the People’s Congress. They were not spoken from a position of strength or defiance. They were uttered from a position of fear and loathing.

Fear that with all the damning evidences exposed for the public to judge, GMA will be found wanting and pardon the pun, short of presidential stature. It is quite obvious that GMA was grounded with the fact that she did not have the numbers to acquit her in the Senate impeachment trial. Therefore, the directive was to dismiss the impeachment complaints at all cost for any cause whatsoever. It is also the fear that the people’s anger will be unleashed once the truth is out.

Loathing that these groups have not given up deposing the president. Every day she governs, groups sprout like mushrooms demanding her resignation. Where allies once ruled confidently, the rumblings of dissatisfaction have stung even the most loyal of her Cebuano followers.

It is vital that this People’s Congress push through next week. It is a further imperative that the Hyatt 10 seriously consider testifying before this congress. They have been accused, rightly or wrongly, by the left and by Erap loyalists, of installing GMA as president. It would do well to heed their call, wipe their slate clean by testifying before the body. This may well be the last forum by which Dinky Soliman can convince the public that her loyalty to the president ended the moment they stopped singing “If We Hold On Together”.

Let us lastly disabuse our minds that the people’s congress will amount to nothing more than a publicity stunt. With truth coming out in droves, there will be hell to pay. The consequence will be swift and massive more so when the extensive network of election rigging shall come to light.

The president was once given the option to tell the truth or suffer the consequences of lying. Those choices are long gone. She could no longer be trusted to tell the truth. And therefore, with or without her cooperation, the deluge will come with a strong and mighty wind.


Blogger NJbabe said...

In the very beginning, truth has been very elusive. As a bystander, if somebody is truly innocent, then shouldn't the truth be heard...unless...

All this so called "kangaroo court", if this is has no legal bearing, then whatever the outcome be, does that mean another Edsa brewing? It is so sad that all legalities, may it be presidency, or other things in our country is just stepped on...so sad when we have so much to offer. Again this looks like a "wish upon a star" thing and hopefully justice will be serve one way or the other....

Everybody deserve to know the truth...although sometimes it hurts... but like I always say life goes on....

4:59 AM  
Blogger Rizalist said...

Hi Dawin! Do you have students that BLOG? Some people abroad (and I guess here) are even holding classes where everyone has one and does their work right on the Internet. There's even a school in California that has gone paperless, issuing a laptop to each student upon entry. It would be fun to start a fad that lasts forever, what with so many free blogger sites -- it's a lil noticed FREE RESOURCE. Also a great way to build traffic...daya all those guys who have columns in the main stream media! But La Salle/FEU must've lots of bloggers and could make whoever acts as their connection point to the Web an interesting thing to watch on TouchGraph.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous dawin said...

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2:43 PM  
Blogger Den Salvacion said...

how can those evidences their boasting about be authenticated if not presented to the proper forum or a much credible agency? this is one heck of a propaganda.

and it's like their projecting to the people that they are the only ones telling or exposing the truth. how can they have respect for it, if they can't even respect the Supreme Court and the rule of law? they're too opinionated. how can anyone reason to them? maybe that's' why one pro-GMA was beaten by anti-GMA individuals there. they simply lack decency and respect.

7:13 PM  

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