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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Death Knell

The Supreme Court victory of this government in the Expanded Value Added Tax case will ironically signal the beginning of the end of this administration.

From hereon, rallies will no longer center solely around the legitimacy of the Arroyo government, rallies and welgang bayan will be repeatedly held centering around economic hardships, the EVAT and her legitimacy, of course. The victory in the Supreme Court could not have come at a better time for this government.

And that is why Cong. Joey Salceda is moving heaven and earth to suspend the implementation of the EVAT. And that is why Sec. Raul Gonzales has already prepared an Executive Order declaring a state of national emergency to take over businesses. And that is why, Secretary Ermita is heightening the tension by implementing the calibrated preemptive response to show how unruly the rallyists are.

And that is why, on the day the Supreme Court ruled that the EVAT is legal, Norberto Gonzales innocuously agreed to take a leave of absence from the National Security Agency. Having laid the groundwork for a possible declaration of martial law and/or emergency take over, he can now lie low and follow the footsteps of Garci and Bolante.

Or, maybe but highly unlikely, the Supreme Court just awarded a pyrrhic victory to GMA in the belief that while she is around, their court cases will remain super full with all and sundry filing petitions for certiorari left and right questioning the constitutionality of this and that law and this and that act of hers. As a result, they will have a Scroogey Christmas. She must go if they want to have a lighter case load. And the EVAT case is just the gift to do it.

Right. I wish!


Blogger Rizalist said...

How high do you think gasoline prices would have to go for there to be real trouble?

1:55 PM  
Anonymous dawin said...


I think they will protect the poor man's gasoline, diesel, not to rise too much. Unfortunately, the oil companies just recently increased the prices of kerosene which the poor mix with diesel to save on costs. So, whatever savings they had on diesel has just been negated.

So, how much will the prices go up before the real trouble sets in? I cant say a figure but it will be based on perception of hopelessness that will give rise to trouble. When? Maybe a week or two after EVAT on gas prices are imposed.

5:44 PM  

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