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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Why do Filipino factotums clear first, then investigate later when wrongdoings are committed by their underlings.  Examples:

The day after the rubout, Sec. Angie Reyes cleared the policemen of wrongdoing, and when additional evidences proved a staged rubout, says that they have not been actually cleared;

Speaker de Venecia defending the 4 congressmen who were accused by the Commission on Audit of overpricing 1000% the fertilizers.  Without even looking at the documents, JDV holds these people as honorable crooks, este, men of law.

Why don’t these guys hold judgment first before they proclaim their innocence? Once these leaders proclaim their underlings as honorable, will a contrary conclusion be reached by the investigators? Seem like these statements are actually a signal for the investigators to do their bidding.

I hope Dinky Soliman was properly advised by her lawyer-spouse what she meant when she admitted before the CCTA that she betrayed public trust. The ever vigilant Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez will not hesitate to file a case against her to please his boss. Dinky Soliman’s testimony does sound like an admission against her own interest.

On the other hand, it may be a brilliant strategy for Dinky to reel in Sec. Gonzales to sue her. In the process of clearing her name before the fiscal or before the courts, she will be able to subpoena the President to testify as a witness.  What one cannot draw evidence from the president directly, Dinky will do it indirectly. Galing! Let’s see if the Justice Secretary will take the bait.

Someone from the opposition should put up a counterfoil to Secretary Eduardo Ermita.  In his press conferences, the Executive Secretary is so folksy that even when he is lambasting the opposition, he uses analogy culled from his Batangas roots to deliver a personable tirade.  

Not like Cong. Escudero who answers with a mile when a foot will suffice, Cong. Cayetano who sounds like a declamation contest winner, Cong. Paras who talks like an educated sanggano and Cong. Suplico who speaks like a sniveling, sarcastic  manggagancho.  

TRO Countdown – It is the 12th day of the TRO issued by Judge Ralph Lee against PCIJ. Eight more days and we will see whether the judge will issue a preliminary injunction.  

Although the TRO proved to be a useless order, and while the blogging community will give short shrift to any preliminary injunction that may be issued, the bloggers must continue to remain vigilant on any unwarranted intrusions to our constitutional right to blog and be bloggered (= to be clobbered in the blogs, my contribution to blogging neologism)


Blogger acidboy said...

i just need a clarification on the ccta... in today's inquirer story "teary dinky says sorry to the public" eto nakasulat:

"former vice president teofisto guingona, head of the ccta 15-member presidium, praised soliman for speaking out about her 'unwitting cooperation' in the 'grand desing' to make ms arroyo win the 2004 elections." p.a21

teka, teka lang. did the vp once said on tv that he will be "impartial" as a judge? then why is he praising a witness, whom i assume was never cross-examined? so in the ccta, dinky's statements, which i personally think is her own version of "i-am-sorry" speech that was her idea to begin with, is now entered as factual truth? and is this a show of impartiality for a "judge"? kung sa local court lang yan na-transfer na ang kaso kung humirit ng ganyan ang hukom diba?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous dawin said...


That statement of Mr. Guingona is an example of what Manolo Quezon III famously called in Dong Puno's show as "lapsus senilus".

But as far as the statement of Dinky regarding the Philhealth cards go, it is admissible because she personally witnessed it.

With respect to Guingona's compliment, you can take it for whatever it is, biased as you put it, but eventually, I think the convenors will draft a report and will leave it to the people to decide for themselves.

2:03 PM  
Blogger acidboy said...

thanks. i have no problem kasi if the ccta present itself for what it really is: a forum that will present the evidences that the convenors believe were suppressed. but please, the more some members insist it is a form of judicial body, the more its becoming a farce much like how they felt about congress when it voted down the impeachment, diba? let them draft their report, no problem- that is democracy at work, just don't sell it to the people like it is more than that, a report.

and another thing, why is loren legarda's lawyer displeased at the ccta?

4:00 PM  

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