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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Garci In Wonderland

Lest anyone think that Garci is a hapless victim, one only has to look at his countenance. For someone who is on the run, Garci should have, by all accounts, surfaced gaunt and emaciated. Instead, he is in picture perfect health, with a double chin to boot, a bigger paunch, and if I am not mistaken, his mane has acquired some sheen.

Like a Gatling gun, Garci alighted from his speedboat spewing out names from both the opposition and the administration who spoke to him. He claims to be telling the truth and is his own man.

But of the names mentioned, he identified leaders of the opposition while naming only second or third-tier lieutenants belonging to the administration. Names like Ricky Sandoval whose claim to fame is being a (de)Spice(d) Boy and a known recipient of agricultural fertilizer funds representing a district submerged underwater for half of a god-forsaken year. Or Rafael Nantes who is not a Who’s Who but a sino siya?

In spewing out more names in his coming congressional appearance, Garci intends to do an Alice in Wonderland and wants all of us to fall with him into a rabbit hole, filled with absurdities, innuendoes, and half-truths. We should not be as gullible.

But if there be truth in what Garci shall be exposing come this 7th of December, it is the fact that all those who spoke to him, from the lawmakers to the queen’s men and the queen herself have violated the sacrosanct nature of the Commission on Elections which under our soon-to-be defiled 1987 Constitution sublimely emphasizes the COMELEC as a constitutionally independent body.

And just as important as identifying the voices in the tapes or those Garci claimed spoke to him, Garci’s revelations will show the depth of infestation of the corruption in our electoral system, more so as it is headed by a former politician whose loyalty to the president is beyond reproach but whose fealty to the Constitution is equally questionable.

And so, consistent with my belief in the Equal Protection of the Laws, to all those who spoke to Garci including the First Gentleman and the President herself, I say “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” No amount of justification, whether by the president or the opposition, whether to protect the votes kuno or rig them, can be raised. Talking to a COMELEC Commissioner is simply unconscionable and illegal because like judges, they are bound by the Canons of Judicial Ethics

None of those who called Garci, if true, deserve any longer to be hailed the people’s elected since none of them chose to trust the will of the governed. They chose to rig the votes. And the President, primus inter pares, was and is the most culpable. So, let us start with hers. And let them hang together or let them hang separately. Honestly, I do not care!


Blogger Rizalist said...

I noticed that too, his cheeks actually looking fat up close. He's a lil more harassed now though from the looks of things

3:20 PM  
Blogger categorically imperative said...

probably went to a hair spa for that rejoice mane...

tee-hee..."who is not a Who’s Who but a sino siya?" really funneeee!!!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Rizalist said...

Pay Ang Heretiko a visit. Chat about the ongoing...

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Major Tom said...

Sadly, there is no very specific crime or tort that could be imputed to those who called Garci during and concerning the results of the last elections. I think this is a matter of legislative study where we could broaden our laws to make such activity absolutely illegal for being so unethical and abusive in nature.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Rizalist said...

Ed, I have this new theory about the Garci tapes, help me figure out what's wrong with it. Here's the link:
Long LIve the Anti Wiretapping Law

12:54 PM  
Blogger Den Salvacion said...

Obviously, some people were already influenced by the opposition's adamant stand that the male voice on the tape talking to the female is Garcillano (period!). Remember, the tapes have not undergone comprehensive authentication from the NBI. Some people forget the wonders of modern technology nowadays.

I firmly believe that there are waaaay to many of us pinoys who just want this Hello Garci Tape issue to end already. Much work to be done in such limited time. That's why until now the 2006 national budget and the anti-terror bill has not been implemented yet. Their usual excuse: they have so many pending work yet to be processed. I personally want to kick their goose-bumped butts and hit their heads with a frying pan for them to probably get back to their senses that they're there to work as honorable legislators.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Garci intends to do an Alice in Wonderland and wants all of us to fall with him into a rabbit hole, filled with absurdities, innuendoes, and half-truths. We should not be as gullible."

i wish we were not as gullible too to the presentation of the "HEllo Garci" tapes as reliable evidence and take insinuations as facts in the first place. a "hint of possible rigging" should not have been acceptable. i say "hint" because of the obvious lack of concrete evidence. if we are to look at things in an objective point of view, we would just let the evidence speak for themselves.

4:27 PM  

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