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Monday, March 13, 2006

Let's 464 Them

While having dinner tonight after an arduous lecture on Criminal Procedure, I saw Gen. Querol in Tina Monzon Palma’s Talkback lecturing and gobbledygooking Atty. Neri Colmenares and Joshua Mata.  Was he not supposed to be in the Senate this afternoon to justify the PNP’s actions during the “emergency”?

That led me thinking. Why can government factotums appear in government-monitored ANC but refused to appear in the hostile Senate? And when ANC invites them on the ground of fair play and these officials accede to the invitation, is it not really an insult to media’s intelligence that these cowardly fools would rather face a docile media rather than perform their duty in the Senate in aid of legislation?

The search for truth cannot begin in ANC while these people refused to appear before the Senate. They prefer ANC to the Senate because unlike the Senate, ANC is mandated to be balanced and objective as it can be.  Unlike the Senate, ANC is simply too genteel to be a holds-barred, name calling, nerve-inducing experience for government prevaricators and propagandists.  Even Ricky Carandang and Korina Sanchez are constrained to exercise restraint even when the answers are so downright ludicrous and so “Ronnie Nathanielzisch”.  

Government talking heads appear in ANC not to tell the truth, only to obfuscate and bifurcate the issues.   It is no longer important to appear before the Senate to suggest measures to improve a law, only to imply that in their non-appearance,  the Senate has become a doddering, decrepit, despicable deadwood rendered irrelevant by the machinations of the Palace.  The Senators can whine and bay at the moon all night long, but they cannot even plot a concerted strategy to restore their dignity.  

I believe the remedy to compel the Executive Department to appear before the Senate is no longer with the Supreme Court or any government institution.  Ironically but not surprisingly, the hand that rocks the cradle belongs to Ricky Carandang et al at the ANC.  

ANC should withhold its invitation to these government functionaries until such time that they are brave enough to face the grilling and the barbecuing in the Senate.  The Executive Department did a 464 on the Legislative Department.  It is time that the Fourth Estate return the favor to the First Estate. No appearance in the Senate means no appearance for cowards in ANC.  In other words, let ANC 464 the Executive Branch.

Talk about responsible media.  It’s about time!


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