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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Day of Hearts

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It is the Day of Hearts.

I wonder why we have to celebrate a special day just to remind us of each other's love. We have our wedding anniversaries to do that. We have our individual birthdays to honor one another. And of course, we have Christmas Day to affirm the greatest love of all, at least for Christians.

I think Valentine's Day holds more magic and sway for younger unmarried people because it affords them the chance to be extremely sucrose to each other without being ridiculed by their fellow peers since their fellow peers are just about doing and saying the same mushy things to their significant other.

But for married people who have learned to sandpaper their egos and give in to each other's whims though daily, constant, candid intellectual and emotional exchanges, Valentine's Day is more than a sugary day not because we have mastered uttering mushy things but because we walked the talk. We live a shared common life, subsuming our own pride and caprices to serve each other, adjusting to one another's preferences in order to make our mutual love more refined, sweeter and lasting. To continue to share Valentine's Day with the same partner is to have been tested by time, purified by challenges, and polished by fate. That, I think, is the real meaning of Valentine's Day. If love is lived daily, shouldn't Valentine's Day be celebrated every day and not just on the 14th of February by couples?

And if you agree with me, come and keep me company on the road to a happy and blessed marriage. Happy Valentine's Day everyday!


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