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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mosquito Press

Now that there is a clamor for a People’s Court, my question is when will I see the evidences that Atty. Harry Roque so boastfully stated are so voluminous that they take up space equivalent to one whole room?

And while they are discussing the mechanics of a People’s Court which Manolo Quezon thinks will be a kangaroo court, when will Dinky Soliman or the Hyatt 10 present their damning evidences. Now that “their proper forum” has been squelched by the House of Unrepresentatives, will they consider the People’s Court their new proper forum?

Between Harry Roque’s wall-to-wall evidences, the Hyatt Ten’s confidential evidences and the creation, preparation and finalization of a People’s Court, is there a way by which these evidences can be disclosed to the people at large at the soonest possible time?

How about a mosquito press?

Ms. Eggie Apostol did it prior to and during the Erap impeachment hearings, Jose Burgos did it during the harsh, dark days of the Marcos regime. Why not now?

Sure, we have the Inquirer, Newsbreak and the PCIJ. But they are not as nimble. The Inquirer has other issues to cover and has grown to be the biggest newspaper organization in the country. Newsbreak and the PCIJ come out only so often. The Inside PCIJ, while highly provocative, is limited only to internet users and paid hackers.

Right now, there is this great search for truth and Garci. The administration has done its best to present their side and colors the truth in shades of grey while the opposition has done its best to agitate and titillate but has no single bullet to shoot down the president. Nature abhors a vacuum and so far, ignorance, propaganda and amoral pragmatic reasoning are filling in the empty spaces which we, the Filipino people, are exposed to on a daily basis. When will we ever see and hear the real truth?

We need a press that can buzz like a mosquito and sting like a bee. So, how about it? It’s time to dengue-ize people (from the administration and the opposition) who propagate falsehoods, who are callous to public opinion, and impervious to shame. Maybe then, we can unearth all the truths that Congress so willingly quashed for a million and one reasons.


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