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Friday, December 16, 2005

Senior Citizen's Discount

The recent arrest cum invitation of the police to former General Fortunato Abat shows that this government has no sense of humor.

The former General Abat whose time has passed should have been ignored.  His call for a transition government was a joke even amongst the administration. But someone within the Palace lost his sense of humor and decided to go after a senior citizen.

They did not even give the old man a senior citizen’s discount to vent his ire against this government. This senior gadfly should have been left to his own devices. His constant prancing against the Arroyo government should have been allowed to prove to the world that this government still knows how to humor itself.  But with Gen. Abat’s arrest, the Arroyo administration has added a new woe to its ever growing inanities, from cheating, lying, stealing, CPR, shootout, rubout, now comes suing senior citizens.  Is there no end to GMA’s intolerance?  

If she thought the middle class are too deaf and dumb to rise up to another EDSA, she may be in for a surprise. The senior citizens may be the next front liners in a senior people power revolution.

And they will rue the day they “invited” Abat to a salabat.


Blogger Rizalist said...

SOMETHING Joe Almonte said hours after the coup d'faux, makes me suspicious this was just a lil change of subject from Garci to the need for Chacha and gentle reminder that FVR cannot really be ignored. As usual everyone has taken the bait. Abat was used. to show what ar real coup WOULD NOT be like.

8:36 PM  

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