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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Winter of Discontent

If the administration thinks that by presenting Garci at the height of the Christmas shopping season, it was going to deflate the anger and outrage against the president, they thought wrong.

If Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye thinks he can baffle everybody with his trademark b. s. in his daily roundups with the Malacanang press corps, he thought wrong.

If Comelec Chairman Abalos thinks he is God’s gift to our electoral system by computerizing the elections and awarding it to his wedding compadre, he thought wrong.

If Winnie Monsod thinks that by her sheer mastery of figures and common sense reasoning, she can convince the Filipino people that everyone cheats anyway and that GMA won the presidential elections through the surveys, she thought wrong.

If the First Gentleman thinks that by coming home and becoming a godfather to the Filipino athletes in the SEA Games, he could earn the trust and gratitude of the Filipino people, he thought wrong.

If Chief of Staff designate Senga thinks that he can convince the Senate and the Commission on Appointments with a wink and a smile that AFP has no wiretapping capability, he thought wrong

If Bishops Capalla, Rosales and Cardinal Vidal think that telling the laity to move on and forgive GMA would be the healing balm of our country and the spiritual solution to our moral agony, they thought wrong.

They are all wrong because we are now dwelling in the winter of our discontent.

A discontent that admittedly has not reached critical mass but soon it will because the government continues to treat us Filipinos as deaf and dumb. They continue to foist lies, half-truths and transient economic figures which will only get worse come next year.

We are in a season of discontent because the ice of hostility and rancor has not thawed in large part due to the refusal of this government to come clean in its abusive and nefarious ways to remain in power. No closure can be expected if this government does not believe anything was wrong in the first place.

And there will never be peace on God’s green earth as long as people of goodwill will not rise above their indifference and apathy. We deserve the government we have because we have become lukewarm and callous to evil.

And if there is one winter of discontent that is worse, it is that our moral equilibrium, our sense of right and wrong have been severely damaged that we based our decisions not on what is good or evil but rather, we live lives in the soft bigotry of low expectations.

And that is the coldest winter to date of our country.


Blogger Den Salvacion said...

You may have a point there that people's discontent will still be there. But, we can't tell the exact figures of those who are dissatisfied with the dismissal of the impeachment complaints. The decision has been made. Insufficient in form and substance. For those who are knowledgeable in Law, they would agree that the decision was fair according to our law.

You might be surprised that there are many ordinary pinoys who no longer care with that issue. It's not just the holiday season, but months before they've moved on. The continuous gossiping about politics won't put food on their table anyway. One time, I was on my way to Makati, the taxi driver opened up a conversation with me about those protest rallies. He said, those leaders who are organizing the rallies and shouting for Gloria to step down and resign are just aiming for her seat. He even said that our kababayans who are saying that this and that should be done, should have a broad mind. "Magkakagulo lang kung bawat isa sa tin may pinapagawa o nangengealam. Para saan pa ang botohan?" He's right. We're the ones who voted for them. Dayaan? Any loser can cry someone cheated him/her. Losers rarely admit their lost. Let them prove their allegations first.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Karl M. Garcia said...

Minor correction

Its "toe the line"
Its a naval phrase for following orders.

Again Merry Christmas!

5:36 AM  

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