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Friday, March 17, 2006

Kikoman's Noted Role

Now that photos of election tampering by Atty. Roque Bello have come out into the open courtesy of Malaya’s Ms. Ellen Tordesillas’ blog here, here and here, one should now ask the role Senator Kiko Pangilinan played in the whole Noted affair.

While he has called for the resignation of GMA during the 7 July incident, we have not yet heard him speak of his role in the canvassing of the election returns.  

The evidences are really quite damning for a lawyer like Kiko to deny that there was cheating in the last presidential elections.  We have heard the Garci tapes recount manipulation by election personnel, collusion by military officers, and hands-on queries by the highest official of the land to subvert the popular will.

We have heard personal eyewitness accounts of election operators like Zuce who moved heaven and earth to ensure the dubious victory of Mrs. Arroyo. We have heard Sgt. Mendoza decry the dirty tactics of Garci and his braggadocio.

Now, we see election returns, documentary evidences, being tampered by people familiar with election procedures in order to ensure the one million margin of victory.  

In all these, there is nary a repentance, a protest, nor even a whimper from Kiko to apologize for his role as Chairman Noted. Knowing what he knows now, it is time for him to speak up and tell our countrymen that “HE IS SORRY” for the role he played in the elections.  It is not time to vacillate and expect the people to forget what he did.  Time may heal all wounds but he who chooses to run for president in the future will find that time does not forget an unrepentant sinner.

If he wants a clean slate by the time Sharon Cuneta goes up on stage to campaign for him as president, it would do well for him now to own up to his mistake and tell the whole world that knowing what he knows now, it was a mistake to railroad the proclamation of our current head of state.

But if he does not, Chairman Noted will carry that guilt with him like a millstone on his neck or like Sisyphus doomed to roll up the boulder for all time. The press, the people and those old enough to remember his role will not be so kind to him when he runs for president.  

‘Fess up, senator.  There is nothing to lose but your pride and everything to gain by your repentance.


Blogger Sef said...

Hmmm. I just wonder... how guys like you expect to get confessions from guys like them? Those confessions won't happen.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Rizalist said...

you put your finger on the pusillanimous pie: it's the way guyz are "made" in the Mafia: he was made complicit in the 2004 election canvassing::a form of perpetual blackmail.

Hey but what about that e-mandirigma and d-mandirigma. hehe. must be bcoz general order 5 and 6 have not been withdrawn, nor the AFP called back in from being called out.

2:20 PM  
Blogger ellen said...

A paragraph in Newsbreak's Sept. 18, 2005 article "Cheats Inc." explains Pangilinan's "Noted" during the 2004 canvassing:

"In that 2001 meeting, the President was supposed to have been given
Bello the orders to make sure Ralph Recto would win a full six-year
term, to prevent Francis Pangilinan’s votes from being shaven, and to
keep hardline opposition candidates from winning."

Nagbabayad lang siya ng utang.

3:07 AM  
Blogger NJbabe said...

Saying sorry means acceptance of once wrong doing....Question:Is one aware that what was done is wrong? Is CONSCIENCE still present? I am sure AMBITION is...I do not say it is wrong to have AMBITION but hopefully not to the expense of the poor, helpless people....I hope that when one seats in power, one does not forget that one is in charge of millions of people with hope that one day our country will prosper( top to bottom)....what a huge responsibility.....

1:36 AM  

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