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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Winnie's Comeuppance

John's blog yesterday was about Solita Monsod's outrage over the Cha Cha train. He posits that where Winnie is, there the center will be.

I think not. In fact, I wrote so in his comment why I think where she stands is not necessarily where the center is. I reproduced the comment but with added thoughts here:

"I am not sure I agree with you that the center is where Solita is. She is incensed only because the unreformed COMELEC is going to do the cooking.

The people's initiative will be another opportunity for the COMELEC to handle and we very well know that electoral reform has always been the quixotic advocacy of Christian and Winnie Monsod.

Quixotic not because of Abalos but because of the woman who placed him there. And yet, the Monsods seemed unmindful and unable to make the leap of logic. They have refused to blame the lady for the commission of various sins and glossed over her misdeeds because despite her cheating, the Monsods relied more on the surveys. Pragmatism over morality.

Her anger is really more personal rather than reflective of the sentiments of the center, if there is one at all. The call to slaughter was too loud that had the Monsods remained in thunderous silence (an oxymoron, if you please), their credibility would have gravely suffered. Hence, predictably, she follows, rather than leads the cry of the center.

She has arrived late in the day and perorates about the immorality of the whole enterprise. But where was she when Joc Joc, Raul and Norberto Gonzales were making the government bureaucracy look like a feast of fools and a den of thieves. Where was her genuine outrage?

Still, it is a welcome surprise that Winnie's anger is real. For someone to cry karma, this train must have hit a raw nerve in Winnie. And as they say in Filipino: "huli man daw..."

So, welcome, Professor. If at all, this Cha Cha train was your comeuppance for stubbornly defending her and for refusing to believe that truth does not come in shades of gray.

Thank you Winnie and I hope you say goodbye to all your rationalizations."

And thank you too, John, for giving us the heads-up. Frankly, I don't understand where this enmity between bloggers and journalists is coming from. Is the conflict contrived or is the debate meant as a justification for creative tension? As far as I'm concerned, I am a simple blogger who appreciates the presence of journalists like you and Ellen in the blogosphere. In your presence, I am diminished not one bit!


Blogger jove said...

same here. i don't understand the enmity, too.

more power to everyone in the blogosphere!

6:30 AM  
Blogger jove said...

btw dawin, (you can delete this after reading) is it just me or talagang blogger.com bloggers lang ang allowed to post comments in this site of yours? anonymous bloggers not allowed, but the choice given in the pop up, is only for "blogger", this is why even if i wanted to comment di ko magawa, unless i use my OLD BLOGGER account (i discontinued doing entries there, wordpress na ako)

again, more power.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Rizalist said...

ED: Touche!

Jove--If you go to www.blogger.com you can set up a new blogger account in about 30 seconds without actually starting a new blogger blog. All you need is a username, password and email address. (I doubt that "anonymous is available though, but am sure "anonymous123456789" is.) You can start commenting on blogger blogs under that username even if you don't create a blog! It's the SAME as any of the other systems, in fact, it's easier than any of them. That by the way is also why blogger does have a problem with robot blogs or splogs. But humans are very welcome there. It's one of the originals! But I am about to launch a major project on WordPress myself...

Blogger is owned by Google. That's why the Google Spider comes by Blogger a lot.

8:26 AM  
Blogger The Bystander said...


--The case of Winnie Monsod is what I call "selective condemnation", and a belated one at that. While she and her husband blames Garcillano, Abalos etc. for all this mess, she deliberately forgot to blame the appointing authority. In fact, up to now, she's sticking to her claim that Arroyo won!

That is where their credibility is suspect.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Edwin Lacierda said...


Oo nga, ika nga ni Shrek, why can't we just all get along? and take every comment and criticism in stride.

Kasi, if a comment has no sense, or ridiculous or has no value, its incompetence will rise to the surface and people will know how inane it was.

But if your blog is criticized academically and dispassionately, that should be considered a badge of honor.

While we should not suffer foolish comments gladly, it is also our obligation to defend ourselves in a decent manner, even if brickbats hit us from all sides, yes, even from the intellectual badger of honor, DJB, he he he.

To post is to be cannon fodder from all bloggers, friends or foes.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

di ako impressed sa track record ni Winnie Monsod. walang paninindigan sa katotohanan. selective ang paninindigan.

8:36 PM  

The Arroyo regime has continuosly curtailed the right of the Filipino people to verify the legitimacy of Mrs. Arroyo's presidency. For the Arroyo fanatics in the government, like such macho guys as Mikee Defensor, Angelo Reyes and Raul Gonzales, Mrs. Arroyo has "the beauty and the brain" to make the Philippine economy work efficiently, even if Mrs. Arroyo's presidency has been tainted with "cheat-allegations" during the last presidential election here in our country. The fact is that Mrs. Arroyo has led this country since year 2001 and, yet, up to now in year 2006 the Philippine economy is still being besieged by poverty, large-scale corruption among the governmental leaders and social backwardness in many urban and rural areas of the Philippines. Mrs. Arroyo has been ruling this country with an iron-clenched fist and boastful promises of economic reforms.

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10:59 AM  
Blogger ellen said...

So what if Winnie Monsod now is criticizing People's Initiative? By closing her eyes to the crimes of Gloria Arroyo and deriding those who have seen through her deviousness from thevery beginning, she is suspect. Kung gusto niyang humabo, di humabol suya. But I don't think I's like to welcome her with open arms.

10:51 AM  

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