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Thursday, December 22, 2005

ConCom - Much Ado About Nothing

Much has been said about the Consultative Commission. As a newsworthy event, the recommendations of the ConCom were fodder for bloggers and opinion writers who have lambasted the findings as being unrepresentative of the sentiments of the people. Or as Ricky Carandang shockingly discovered, genuine reforms were not even remotely suggested.

But that should hardly come as a surprise.

In the first place, the Consultative Commission was an idea born out of strife. It was a last ditch gasping effort of the Arroyo government selling whatever is left of its soul to maintain power. Its forebear is the July 7 incident when FVR expressed his support for GMA and the latter had agreed to a change of government in return for finishing the term.

Secondly, now that she has survived the worst political crisis of her career thus far, how can one expect the President to come up with genuine reforms when she agreed to FVR’s proposals then under the barrel of a gun? And even so, FVR’s proposal was for a mere change of government. For FVR, change of government IS the sole genuine reform.

Thirdly, the composition of the Consultative Commission is suspect to begin with. You may have a smattering of truly sincere commissioners who believe that the 1987 Constitution needed to be overhauled but by and large, the composition has been pre-determined to synchronize the political tastes of either GMA, FVR and JDV. It is no small wonder why none from Philippine Daily Inquirer was ever appointed and at least 3 columnists from Malacañan friendly newspaper, Philippine Star, were recruited to support the Cha Cha bandwagon. One columnist had an ax to grind against Senator Lacson, another - the female columnist whose parents spearheaded the drive to amend the 1987 Constitution to perpetuate FVR in power and the last is a political analyst closely allied with FVR and GMA.

Fourthly, while the composition has been pre-determined, the proposed provisions have already been scripted to accommodate GMA and her minions. However loud the rantings and debates that may have occurred within the halls where the Commission meets, the conclusion was not unexpected.

Lastly, the consultations they did with the people are as scientific as the phone-in texts surveys one sees in all these TV programs. Contrast that to the Pulse Asia survey which found that most Filipinos know little about the 1987 Constitution but do not favor a shift in government. The surveys clearly showed one thing: why tinker with a document that has no seeming relevance on their daily lives?

Since its genesis was suspect, the members handpicked, the process flawed, and the outcome predictable, the ConCom is really much ado about nothing. If at all, it shows the continuing chutzpah of the president to even think that we can be hoodwinked by this amateurish attempt at legitimacy.


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